Prof. Dr. habil. Beata Hejmanowska has 30 years of experience in teaching and research at AGH Technical University of Science and Technology, including Remote Sensing, GIS, photogrammetry, GPS, and IT. She has extensive experience in scientific project management and research. Cooperation with governmental organizations and commercial GPS companies, including Trimble and Topcon. International collaboration with universities and EC agencies. Her interests include geoinformatics, spatial data uncertainty, DTM, GeoScience for decision support, risk analysis, image processing, image classification, machine learning, application of Remote Sensing in agriculture, monitoring of reclaimed post-mining areas, water monitoring, photogrammetry and remote sensing in cultural heritage applications, creating 3D models and time series analysis - 4D models.

Title of the Talk: Classification accuracy in machine learning, with the example of Land Use Land Cover classification in mining areas.

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Wolfgang Kresse was born in Berlin. He studied in Bonn and then worked near Stuttgart. Later, he was a professor of GIS and photogrammetry at the University of Neubrandenburg and a past professor of remote sensing and image processing at the Politechnika Koszalińska. He was a visiting professor affiliated with the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing in Ottawa and the University of Maine, U.S.A.

Title of the Talk: Origins of important geospatial ISO standards