The City of Wroclaw is well connected with Poland's regional cities by railway and bus. Travel time from Warsaw – the capital city of Poland – (approx. 360 km)  by fast train and bus is about 3.5 – 4 hrs. Wroclaw (WRO) can also be reached by air from Warsaw (WAW), and directly from some European cities using a budget airlines. There is also an option to get to Wroclaw from Prag/Czechia, Dresden and Berlin/Germany by train. The venue of ISAG 2024 from the Wroclaw Glowny Central Railway Station can be reached by tramp (station: Plac Wroblewskiego) or bus/tramp from the Nicolaus Copernicus Airport, which takes approx. 10 and 60 min, respectively. Tickets are available from the ticket machines found on every bus or tramp. Payment is made using credit cards or mobile phones. The ticket machine prints no tickets on the bus or tramp. Paper tickets can be purchased at tramp/bus stations or newsstands. The paper tickets you need to validate after you enter the bus/tram. A good option is to purchase a short-term ticket. They are valid for all lines. For example, a 48 hours ticket costs approx. EUR 6.

The ISAG2024 venue is located in the new facility known as L2 of the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WUST). This ultra-modern research object is mainly dedicated to geosciences, including mining, geology and geoinformatics. All major events, including conferences and PhD vivas, are held here. The L2 is located on the banks of the Olawa River, just before the confluence with the Odra River.

The L2 (51.104919N, 17.053709E) is located approx. 500 m from the tramp station (pl. Wroblewskiego). A physical/Uber address is Na Grobli 15. The venue is connected to the main campus of WUST by a cable car known as Polinka (51.107401N, 17.058622E) , which runs over the Odra River Building H14 (51.106818N, 17.060844E) will host the opening ceremony and the Satellite Image Providers session on the morning of 9 May. On the interactive map of the campus, please uncheck all buildings except the H14 and L2 buildings in the legend to see their locations.